Holter Monitoring

What is Holter monitor and why do I need it?

Holter monitoring provides your doctor with a recording of your heart electrical activity over a period of time. It show your heart electrical activities when you experiencing symptoms to allow

your doctor to assess its significance. We provide 1 day, 2 days or 7 days Holter monitoring depends on your clinical conditions

How is the procedure performed?

You will need to come to our clinic to have the monitor fitted. You should bathe beforehand as you cannot do so whilst wearing the Holter monitor.

A technician will clean and (for male, shave your chest) where the electrodes are attached. The ECG leads are attached to stick-on electrodes which are place around the front of the chest. The battery and lead wire will be secured to your chest to prevent from moving.

You need to keep a diary especially when you experiencing symptoms (such as palpitations, heart racing, strong heart beat sensation, faints, chest pain etc). After the end of the recording period, you will return to our centre to have equipment removed so that we can analyse the readings and send report to your doctor.

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